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Since its inception in 2014, Conservation Nepal has emerged as a stalwart local non-governmental organization, conceived from a shared vision among impassioned conservationists and enterprising young minds. Operating primarily in the mid-mountains and Chure-Terai-Madhesh regions, its fundamental mission revolves around a steadfast commitment: to empower marginalized communities in Nepal while staunchly addressing the looming specters of climate change, disaster vulnerability, and the escalating loss of biodiversity. In a landscape marked by geographical diversity and socio-economic challenges, Conservation Nepal stands as a beacon of proactive change. Its ethos rests upon fostering self-reliance and resilience within communities often relegated to the margins. The organization orchestrates a symphony of sustainable practices, orchestrating integrated watershed management initiatives that ensure the optimal use of precious water resources while nurturing the ecosystems they sustain. A key symphony in Conservation Nepal's repertoire is education. Its efforts transcend conventional boundaries, as the organization endeavors to educate and illuminate. It catalyzes an ongoing dialogue about climate change, equipping local communities with the knowledge needed to counteract its adverse effects. This process extends beyond mere information dissemination; it cultivates a shared sense of purpose, compelling communities to collaborate in disaster risk reduction and champion the preservation of their ecological heritage. Central to the organization's narrative is empowerment. Conservation Nepal fervently believes that by investing in education, training, and skill development, it can unlock the potential of individuals who, in turn, become stewards of their environment. This is especially pronounced in its commitment to uplift rural women and youth, enabling them to seize active roles in the sustainable management of natural resources. In doing so, the organization not only nurtures livelihoods but also forges a formidable alliance against the encroaching forces of climate change. Conservation Nepal's narrative is one of evolution, resilience, and impact. Over nearly a decade, it has etched its presence across Nepal's topographical expanse, emerging as a vanguard of change. It shapes the trajectory of communities by fostering sustainable agricultural practices that bolster food security and economic stability. Its advocacy for clean water and sanitation through WASH projects manifests its dedication to holistic well-being. As Nepal stands at a crossroads of environmental challenges and opportunities, Conservation Nepal remains unwavering. Its journey, marked by tireless commitment, innovative methods, and a collaborative spirit, exemplifies a profound truth: that through collective action and shared responsibility, the contours of a more sustainable and harmonious future can be sculpted, one where both communities and nature flourish in tandem. Conservation Nepal's script is one of dedication and innovation, its actors the very communities it serves. As the curtains rise on each successive year, the organization's crescendo continues to reverberate, touching lives, redefining landscapes, and engraving a resolute note of positive change in the annals of Nepal's narrative. IT is used to weave a resilient and sustainable future for marginalized communities.

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Meena Kumari Mandal
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Balram Basnet
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General Secretary
TirthNath Prasad Chaudhary
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