Conservation Nepal work is guided by the following values and principles:

Respect for personal dignity- We believe in a non-judgemental approach that respects the dignity and rights of those whom we engage with: staff, volunteers, members, partners and targeted groups.

Integrity and honesty- We believe that our work should be undertaken with integrity, openness, honesty and professionalism.

Openness to learning- We believe in remaining open minded, continuing to learn from stakeholders and partners, while continuing to remain passionate and enthusiastic about our work.

Empowerment- We believe in independence and long-term solutions to problems through sustainable projects.

Solidarity and partnership- We believe in the strength of an international network, based particularly on the experiences of the Nepalese community, and the global partnership.

Accountability and transparency- We believe we should be responsible to each other and to the people and organizations with whom we engage and strive to make our work transparent and accountable.

Equality, justice and human rights- We believe in an equal and just society where people live in peace and dignity and have equal access to the necessary resources and opportunities for sustainable growth.

Participation- We endeavor to ground our policy and advocacy work in the experiences of those in Nepal and work towards building sustainable long-term solutions. We believe in incorporating the voices of those in the Nepalese community, our partner organizations and those on the ground into our campaigns.

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